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Wow,the last time I was in here it was April 26th 2011,thats a long time. So much has happened since I was here. Lets see,I think the most important to me is I got my long hair shaved off to raise money for autistic children,

Here is a pic of me on the day of it

Pic Of Me )

Ok,well I guess I will be back some time in2013. I hope you all had a great Christmas and all your dreams come true in 2013 ~ Yvonne xx
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Today I wanted to read my firends page and read all the great fanfic thats posted daily there.But Livejournal is giving out that Varnish something or other page again.Im thinking of living there and setting up shop here permenantly.Its starting to piss me off alot there!!!
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I guess we are all complaining about the same thing here huh?
Well,I hope they get that damn place fixed soon,I miss it in there.Nothing is happening for me tonight at all!!!

I have been trying to upload a sidebar and it won't let me,im ready to punch my screen (deep breaths Vonnie,take deep breaths)

I will read tonight,and try in there again tomorrow,hopefully it will be working properly again by then.I can't post a pic with this post because I don't know how to (http://www.example.com/some-picture.jpg is not my lingo at all :/)

Okay,I hope what ever you all get upto this w/e you do it with a song in your heart,I love you all,take care and godbless,Vonnie xxx
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I will be posting my fics here soon too :)
Huge hugs x

Guess what

Sep. 27th, 2010 03:44 pm
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Im doing arts and crafts,I start tomorrow and I can't wait,its a five week thing on at my local center
*iz excited*
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Here are some pics of Brian and Justin and one of Gale that I played with this evening.
It only took 10 mins but I had fun doing it anyway.
They aren't banners which take ages to do, they are premade images that I just added a photo to,easy peasy,I hope you like them anyway.
Enjoy and no need to credit if you take
Warm hugs x

Just for fun stuff )
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BEST WINDOW STICKERS-----Constipated People Don't Give A Shit!!!

If You Don't Believe In Oral Sex------ Keep Your fucking Mouth Shut!!!!

To All The Virgins------Thanks for fuck all!!

IMPOTENCE-----Natures Way Of Saying No Hard Feelings!!!!

If Sex Is A Pain The Arse-----Then You Are Doing It Wrong!!!

Oh fuck,I heard this half an hour ago and just had to share hahahaha
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Im going to read Brian and Justin fanfics all weekend (when I can), im so in the mood for hot fics right now hehehe
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Im having not too bad of a time at my friends house in Co Fermangh,if the rain went away it could be better but its just too wet to go anywhere or do that much im afraid

I never bought my Queer as Folk dvds and im kinda pissed at that lol,and my friend isn't into Gale at all (what kind of alien is this person I ask you hahahaha)

Anyhow,had a few mins on my hands and thought I would make a quick post here and let you know how things were going for me (if any of you are interested that is)hahahaha.

Alls good apart from the shitty weather and im happy enough being here (even if I do miss my Gale and Randy stuff hehehe),I also miss talking with those of you I speak with on skype,we will chat on Sunday if not before <3

The screen on this computer is fucking massive,it feels really wierd using it instead of my small box screen hahaha,but the Gale and Randy pics look hotter on it.

Im in such a creative mood today and if I was at home I would be using that to make banners and icons,I hope im the same way when I get home.

Im off now to get some coffee and find some badness to get up to hehehehe
Later all

*Warm hugs*
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Randy Harrison to attend Queer as Folk convention "PLanet BabyLon Con" on October 30th, 31st and November the 1st 2010,heres a link for more details


A special thanks to Gloria [personal profile] masterglory for the link
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Greetings all

Today was a busy day for everyone here,we had a fundraiser to buy a wheel chair for my cousins daughter who has many illnesses and is handicapped,the wee angel is so adorable

It rained most of the morning and afternoon here so the fun day was moved in a hall rather than the football ground it was meant to be on,everyone enjoyed themselves and even strangers from the street dropped in to give money,they raised alot for her and im really glad,

Heres a pic of her,but don't let her looks fool you,shes a wee minx hehehe

I hope you all have agreat weekend
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Im Yvonne and this is my first post in here

It seems pretty much the same as livejournal but I thought I would give it a try anyway

I have three accounts over on livejournal,my journal,a graphics community and a fics community and all are to do with Gale Harold/Randy Harrison and Queer and Folk

Im not really sure what im gonna use this account in here for yet as I haven't really done any exploring but im sure I will figure it out soon enough

Ok,im off to explore and should be back soon,I hope to make many new friends on here

Later all

Warm hugs x


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