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Birthdate:Jan 27, 1979

By [personal profile] sun_shined

Hi,Im Vonnie. So nice to meet you here. Im 32 and A qUeer as Folk addict. I love all things to do with Brian and Justin and the actors Gale Harold and Randy Harrison who play them. I write fanfiction, design banners and graphics and make videos too. I love it. I live in N.Ireland and I am 32. I love making new friends and meeting new people and I am very bubbly.

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anthony, ben bruckner, blake wyzecki, bouncer, brandon, brett keller, brian kinney, callie leeson, carl horvath, chris hobbs, claire kinney, cody bell, communication, connor james, craig taylor, creativity, cynthia, daphne chanders, date, david cameron, debbie novotny, doctor, drew boyd, emmett honeycutt, ethan gold, fics, gale harold, gardner vance, gary sapperstein, gay, george schickel, guillaume, gus marcus-peterson, hate, hunter montgomery, hustler, jack kinney, jen taylor, joan kinney, john kinney, justin taylor, kenneth reichert, kip thomas, leda, lindsay peterson, loretta pye, love, making new friends, meeting new people, mel marcus, michael novotny, molly taylor, mysterious marilyn, nancy peterson, pancho ryder, peter kinney, queer as folk, randy harrison, reading, rita montgomery, rodney, ron peterson, sam auerbach, sidney bloom, sierra, spinning instructor, stockwell, ted schmidt, todd, tom, tucker, vic grassi, wertshafter, writing, zack o'tool
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