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Im having not too bad of a time at my friends house in Co Fermangh,if the rain went away it could be better but its just too wet to go anywhere or do that much im afraid

I never bought my Queer as Folk dvds and im kinda pissed at that lol,and my friend isn't into Gale at all (what kind of alien is this person I ask you hahahaha)

Anyhow,had a few mins on my hands and thought I would make a quick post here and let you know how things were going for me (if any of you are interested that is)hahahaha.

Alls good apart from the shitty weather and im happy enough being here (even if I do miss my Gale and Randy stuff hehehe),I also miss talking with those of you I speak with on skype,we will chat on Sunday if not before <3

The screen on this computer is fucking massive,it feels really wierd using it instead of my small box screen hahaha,but the Gale and Randy pics look hotter on it.

Im in such a creative mood today and if I was at home I would be using that to make banners and icons,I hope im the same way when I get home.

Im off now to get some coffee and find some badness to get up to hehehehe
Later all

*Warm hugs*


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